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3 min readJan 25, 2022


2021 was a huge year for us, and we have made a significant progress in building our services as well as rolling them out to learners and teachers all over the world. We are planning to release more subject support soon, but in the mean time, we want to talk about where our users are from.

This year we saw massive growth on our platform, gaining users from all around the world. We were not limited by boundaries, language barriers — or cost.

User Breakdown

Over 2000 users from 55 countries all around the world.

Note: Statistics collected from OpenPastPaper Analytics from January 2021 to December 2021

Top Users on the basis of countries.

Given our preference towards A-Levels, it was expected for Asian countries to be on the top of our user charts.

In terms of cities, we have garnered users from 158 cities.

Users on the basis of cities around the world

More Details about cities here.

Specific Continents

Something that we did not realize is that in terms of continents, we have gathered more users from Africa than any other continents. We did not know there was a potential for this kind of growth but it makes sense that users from these countries are using our platform — we offer our service for free and students who cannot afford to pay for premium use our service. We are really happy to see this.

Users from African Countries

The United Kingdom due to the prevalence of A-Levels as their major method of examination there.

Users from United Kingdom

Most of our users in Asia are from Pakistan—and Indian visitors seems to be growing day by day.

In the end, our numbers are the beginning of what we will build and serve in the future. We would like to thank everybody who uses our platform and who has shared it with their friends and colleagues. As students, we are not involved in product marketing, but our product speaks for itself — and people have spoken for us too. We are grateful to everyone who have helped us improve our platforms and offered their assistance along the way. This only pushes us to try to keep our service free as much as possible.

This year, we are planning to expand towards India with their targeted exams around February-March. Furthermore, we are looking into helping more e-learning platforms in Nepal and around the world. Stay tuned for those updates soon.

Thank you!



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