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3 min readAug 19, 2021


The advent of COVID-19 has accelerated the E-Learning scenario of Nepal at a tremendous rate. As such, this has heavily influenced the way teachers in their teaching, and learners in their learning processes. However, this area still seems to have many loopholes to be covered in terms of technological use and growth.

But still, there are a lot of good resources for learning on the internet but they lack one component — resources for testing that knowledge. Outside, in the real world, teachers have to work hard to find such resources, find questions, build tests, check if it is right and then only send it to their students to test how well they have taught. There is still no one efficient way to do this. So, we are here to address this problem — by opening Past Exam Papers.

Enter OpenPastPaper. A platform that uses AI to automatically build a catalog of Questions and Answers based on a subject’s chapters from past existing Question Papers. We use Machine Learning to classify every exam paper uploaded to our platform. Designed for those who want to teach or learn efficiently.

In practice, Users will use our platform and explore different subjects’ chapters along with their questions and answers. If you are a student, you can explore, test, and hone down your skills and knowledge about every chapter.

If you are a teacher, you will be able to explore hundreds of thousands of topical questions belonging to your subjects and create custom Exam Papers just with a few clicks — in less than thirty seconds on average.

For now, we only support Cambridge International A Level — but we are switching our gears to support the Nepalese Education System. This has never been done before so we are more than excited to work on it. Over time, we hope to help every school and E-Learning platform in this country with our technology.

So, How did that come about?

Us founders are passionate about creating technologies that have impacts on people’s everyday lives and work. With past experiences from Hackathons and uncountable failed projects, we think we have finally found a solution for the use of Artificial Intelligence in the education sector. OpenPastPaper is just one of many we are working on.

Being in the perfect situation of seeing the problems teachers are facing and the problems we faced while studying, we think this is the best solution so far. But we are always looking for new ideas.

OpenPastPaper is now at step 1 out of 1000s of more to come. After finishing our prototype a couple of months ago, we are working hard towards shipping our product to early adopters later this month — followed by constant iteration and more use cases being added to the product on a rolling basis.

Interested in using our product? Feel free to do so. Bear in mind, we are still in beta so things will break apart. But we would love your feedback.



Open Past Paper

Designed for those who want to efficiently teach and learn.