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3 min readNov 11, 2021


Same but faster — with new and redesigned features.

We started Open Past Paper a year ago — with the intention of helping students and teachers in every possible way we can. With the help of AI, we have been able to do something that would require a big group of people with a lot of time and energy. And that’s already a step towards automation.

However, our UI has always had room for improvement. To put it simply, it was slow. Now there are various reasons for it — our frontend was not that good in the first place, with the fact that we had been uploading PDFs which takes longer to load compared to images. This had made the platform slow.

So we focused on making a complete change, replacing the existing interface with a new one.


Previously, we had mixed all of our features into a single interface, Topical Past Papers explorer and Exam Builder. This turned out to be confusing to some of our users. Thus, we have now separated them into their own separate sections.

Dashboard serves a big purpose for us. We want to directly be able to release features and let our users explore them. We have added a News and Updates section where we will notify the changes in the platform, feature releases, and address issues faced by our users.

This also serves as a base plate for our future projects such as Analytics! They are currently in beta — only a few people can access them but soon we will write more about them.

Note: Exam Builder has been disabled due to some bugs but it will be re-enabled soon.


Previously, the demo version only allowed about three questions to be viewed from each chapter. But now, users can log in using Google to our platform and have access to over 5000 questions extracted and organized from A-level past papers.

This will also allow the users to contact us or send us requests for Subject supports and report any issues if they are encountering any and our team will get on it immediately.

Subject Support

One of the amazing things about OpenPastPaper is that we have built a system that works without user guidance.

The path of extracting Questions from past papers to build a Topical Past Paper System is fully automated using our underlying Parsing Library and AI algorithms. This allows us to add support to new Subjects within a few days to a week.

While we can add support for But we would love to build this subject database as per the need of our users. So, if you think we should add a certain subject, you can let us know by using the Feedbacks section.

Other Improvements

  • Design Change of Topical Past Paper explorer — making them responsive in mobile and desktops.
  • Faster Loading speed — displaying PDFs that were large in sizes had increased our loading times, but now we have reverted back to High-resolution images which should make image load and overall experience more snappy.



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